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Bed bugs are tiny insects that can cause potential damage to carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses as well as humans. They cause two types of damages in lifespan. They deteriorate the carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses and bite humans. Both types of damages are direct and considered a source of vector transmission. Yes, numerous infections caused by bed bug bites have been reported by scientists. It is important to control the bed bugs in order to have a comfortable sleep at home. How to find the best bed bug treatment service in Staten Island? Call us, Staten Island Carpet Cleaner. We remove bed bugs and their eggs using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, ensuring a secure atmosphere for your family and pets. We service both residential and commercial. We offer free estimates 7 days a week. Early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays. We will match any competitor’s reasonably written estimate by 10%.

What We Clean-Bed Bug Treatment

Carpets: Carpeted floors, carpeted rooms, carpeted steps, carpeted hallways, carpeted basements, carpeted attics, carpeted elevators and all other carpeted areas.

Area Rugs: Wool, synthetic, cotton, jute, silk, shag, broadloom, antique, heirlooms, designers, museum, mixed fabrics and all other area rugs.

Fabric and Leather: Couches, loveseats, sectionals, ottomans, benches, mattresses, bed linens, chairs, seats and all other fabric and leather items.

Window Treatments: Blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, sheers and all other soft and hard window treatments.

Bed Bug Treatment-Residential

Residential homes are becoming increasingly infested by bed bugs. In Staten Island it is believed that 1 in every 10 homes have already experienced an infestation and other cities across the nation are seeing similar increases as well. They can quickly spread to other tenants. At Staten Island Carpet Cleaner, we can help locate and remove the bed bugs from your residence no matter what the situation for all your carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses.

Bed Bug Treatment-Commercial

Bed bugs are not just confined to homes. Public places are also prone an infestation. Many commercial spaces have already closed to deal with the removal of bed bugs. It only takes a few bed bugs to start an infestation on your commercial carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses. With so many visitors in these places it is critical to control the problem quickly to prevent it from spreading.


Our pricing is very competitive and we will match any competitor’s reasonably written estimate by 10%.

Our Process

Currently, we have many experts for the bed bug treatment services in Staten Island. This team frequently uses modern machines, sprayers, steamers, dryers and other practices to eliminate the bed bugs. Complete removal of bed bugs is guaranteed by using long lasting products. There is no side effect of using these eco-friendly products. We know how to provide a healthy living environment free of bed bugs. Our representatives look forward to assisting customers 24 hours.

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