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Staten Island Carpet Cleaner: Get Affordable and Result Oriented Drapery & Blinds Cleaning

Maintenance of interior design depends on thorough cleaning. It is believed that removing the dust from carpets and furniture is enough. What about fabric based items? People completely ignore the drapery and blinds at home or office when considering cleaning. It is recommended to focus on cleaning of blinds and drapery in order to get rid of allergies and pollens. How to make it accurately? It is clear that cleaning the blinds and drapery takes more time. Therefore, it is recommended to hire Staten Island Carpet Cleaner. We are ready to assist the customers whether residential or commercial. Visit Staten Island Carpet Cleaner to find more about our specialized drapery & blinds cleaning services.

Choosing the Staten Island Carpet Cleaner is a right decision indeed. As a matter of fact, we are an experienced service working since 1995 in Staten Island. Our company established with a basic aim to provide complete hygiene and sanitation in the city. Our professionals have been trained according to the national standards. We also organized course works and training sessions to provide international practices and technologies to our experts. This has helped us to develop a team of highly educated and trained professionals. Today, we have an excellent professional team of 15 experts. With the passage of time, our company has introduced modern machines, technologies, and practices. All these efforts have been made to ensure that people live in a healthy environment at home or office.

As mentioned above, we follow national and international standards in order to provide satisfactory cleaning services. Following steps are utilized to provide a long lasting drapery & blinds cleaning service.

  • Initial inspection: Just like other cleaning services, the experts at Staten Island Carpet Cleaner start with an initial inspection of drapery and blinds. Dust, dirt, dust mites, pollen, stains and sunlight damage is determined to select a cleaning technique.
  • Deep cleaning: We have specialized deep cleaning method for drapery and blinds. We have merged deep cleaning with thorough vacuuming in order to get double benefits. All dust and pollen particles are completely removed using thorough vacuuming.
  • Use of sponges: This is used to remove the dirt. Basically, it is a dry cleaning approach considered best for dirt removal.
  • Spot treatments: After using sponges for dry cleaning, we use spot treatments. This is the best approach to utilize detergents on drapery and blinds. Using spot treatments ensures that drapery and blinds are ready for cleansing.
  • Final cleaning: This is the last step in drapery & blinds cleaning process. We utilize a specialized solution to improve the cleaning results. This solution also improves the appearance of drapery and blinds.
  • Post inspection round: This step involves rechecking and confirmation. Our professionals will brief you about the cleaning results.

Our online customer support unit is working 24 hours. You can come with cleaning issues to get professional solutions. The Staten Island Carpet Cleaner service can operate at 20 different project sites a day. Contact us right now and get the best cleaning services.