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Area Rug Cleaning: Utilization of Modern Techniques to Get Efficient Results

Area rug is basically an interior design component being used to enhance the beauty of your home. In most of the cases, it is considered and utilized as a central theme in big rooms. Various types of area rugs are available for the decoration and beautification of the rooms. For example, one can choose plain, gray, texture, shaggy, pattern and green area rug according to the interior designing scheme. As it is used on a ground that’s why there are high chances of getting dirty. This is where a person thinks about area rug cleaning.  Is it possible to wash it at home?

No doubt, it is simple to wash the area rugs at home but it will not help to remove the stains and dirt. Sticky stains can only be removed with the help of a professional wash. What to do for best cleaning of the area rug? Staten Island Carpet Cleaning service is among the top rated choices for the people of Staten Island. Let’s have a quick introduction of it.

Why Us?

We are the most experienced service working in New York since 1995. Almost all the commercial and residential areas of Staten Island are covered by our service. We provide efficient cleaning of area rugs at homes as well as offices. We have a qualified and technical team of 15 members. All these technicians have great professional experience in this field. This is why we can handle around 20 customers a day. We operate in a systematic way in order to deliver the best services in no time. Since we serve only Staten Island it is possible to be at your place in less than 20 minutes.

It is necessary to utilize modern equipment and machines for the high-quality result. We utilize modern equipment in order to render the best cleaning in shortest time possible. First of all, we examine the condition of an area rug to determine what techniques would be useful. Area rug colors, thread quality, and stitching is also checked before the cleaning. After checking all important elements, we bring it for vacuuming. This removes the dirt and dust particles from the area rug. The second phase of area rug cleaning starts right after vacuuming. The rugs are placed in a deep water pond for the oil removal. It is important to remove the dust particles present in the grounds of the rug. Otherwise, these particles will cause fiber damage.   

After successful cleaning, the area rug needs drying. We have modern machines to dry the rugs without losing their quality. These machines also help us to improve the appearance of rugs. This process is called drying and grooming. A pleasant fragrance is added to the dried rug after the second phase of area rug cleaning.