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Best Area Rug Restoration with Guarantee

Area rugs are commonly placed in the center of dining, guest and drawing rooms. Rugs need continuous attention in the form of cleaning, washing, repair, and restoration. Without these things, it is difficult to maintain the natural look of the area rugs. Nowadays, it is believed that repair and restoration of area rugs should be performed according to modern technologies. No one can purchase heavy machinery and technologies for a sole purpose. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional service for this purpose.

We provide amazing restoration services since 1995. Our origin in 1995 and existence in 2016 is the best proof of our experience and professionalism. Our service is considered one of the most reliable options in the matter of rug restoration. The service is based in Staten Island and covers all core areas in this area. We are working with our 15 high-quality technicians. We have organized a unique professional setup using experts, machines, modern technologies and vehicles. The combination of these elements enables us to deliver best area rug restoration in Staten Island.

Missing or damaged pieces of rugs should be recovered immediately. It has been observed that majority of people don’t take care of deterioration. Remember, rugs are weaved with threads so there are high chances of deterioration. It is required to pay attention to every single thread coming out of weaving. Reweaving is a conventional approach developed by us. Our experts reweave the damaged or missing end prices of rugs. Normally, the corners get damaged early that’s why it is necessary to recover them. We have a great experience to handle the missing corners. How to bring a rug to its initial glory? We know the big secrets of rug restoration.

Initial inspection of the area rugs is considered crucial. We have trained the rug specialists according to international standards. They can visit your home within 15 minutes after receiving call or email. We start our work with initial inspection of the rug in order to determine the ratio and type of damage. Area rug restoration techniques are developed and applied based on the data collected after the first checkup. Reviving the look and structure of an area rug is no longer difficult for us. We utilize modern machines such as vacuums, dryers, steamers and others to present a result oriented job.

We have developed a great customer service department handling the core issues. Our customer support unit is active 24 hours so we are able to operate in an emergency. The crew of 15 specialists can tackle 20 challenging jobs per day in Staten Island. Recently, we have added the modern technologies to restore the rugs damaged by water and fire.